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Anything blogged about here will be pertinent to anyone who is planning on moving. Use the tags to search for helpful tips or simply browse through to find something pertinent to your move.

By carsonvalle33223388, Jun 9 2015 08:06PM

Summer is full of fun and adventure and is the perfect time to head to the beach... or move. Summer is one of the busiest times for us at CVM and we can try to make your summer move as seamless as possible. In order for a smooth move to happen, please use the following steps:

1. Try to set up the move a couple months in advance, we book up really quick on short notice!

2. Maintain contact with Karla and MIki (especialy on your move day), they're here to help you get through your move with the least hassle possible and will be sure to keep you informed on your movers' status.

3. If we aren't packing for you, make sure all of your boxes are packed tightly and won't crush from the top. Plus, label all your boxes so we know where to put them at your new home.

4. You can leave all clothes and linens in your dresser drawers but make sure to empty your desks. Plus, make sure you don't have any fragile items in the dressers that have clothes.

5. Although your pet may be THE cutest and nicest thing in the world, please put them away or tie them up before your move and estimate. You don't know how they'll react around 3 large men taking away your furniture!

6. Lastly, the movers are quick and efficent, but are less-so when they start to talk. Please help them out with finding where to put items but try not to micromanage too much.

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